Alaska Birch Ornaments
"Made in Alaska"

Baby's First Christmas, Cabin in the Woods & More!
Round Moose OrnamentRound Huskies OrnamentRound Polar Bear Ornament
Round Angel Ornament
Round Moose
Round Huskies
Round Polar Bears
Round Angel
Round Snowman Ornament
Round Santa Sleigh Ornament
Round Rudolph Ornament
Round Baby's First Christmas Ornament
Round Snowman
Round Santa Sleigh
Round Rudolph
Round Baby's First Christmas
Round Cabin in the Woods Ornament
Round Dog Musher Ornament
Round Gold Miner Ornament
Round Cabin in the Woods
Round Dog Musher
Round Gold Miner
  • Ornaments are carved from Alaskan birch wood and measure approximately 2" x 2" x 3/16"
  • Each ornament is hand strung with our Alaska gift tag and wrapped in hand-cut felt. Enclosed in a beautiful satin pouch with drawstrings.

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