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The Ultimate Gift Box from Alaska...

Our North Pole Gift Packages are the ultimate surprise for your kids and loved ones this Christmas!

Big Critters are tucked inside these red gift boxes, and kids will enjoy cuddling with their new Critter while they read their letter from Santa and sip on tasty North Pole Hot Cocoa.

We also include an Alaska Igloo Bank Alaska Toy Animal pack (substituted for bank, see photo below) in the gift package for kids, plus more goodies in the box.

Shipped with love from North Pole, Alaska!

What's Included?


  • Personalized Letter from Santa ~ many choices
  • Cuddly Critter ~ 6 choices
  • Alaskan Toy Animals will be substituted for Igloo bank ~ in "Kids" gift packages
  • Tasty North Pole Hot Cocoa
  • Custom Alaskan Birch Ornament ~ many choices
  • Alaska Polar Bear Smooch Chocolates in a candy box
  • FREE Good Boys and Girls Certificate (non-personalized)
  • Northern Lights Bookmark
  • Packages ship in this beautiful red box
  • Place your order below

    Packages ship in this beautiful red box
Includes a large Cuddly Critter!
6 choices - See all choices below
Includes Alaskan Toy Animal Pack
(Substituted for Igloo Bank in Kid's Gift Package)
New Alaska Animal Pack includes 8 toy wildlife animals
Dimensions: Animals are appx. 2.5" x 1.5" x 0.5"
Includes Tasty Polar Bear Smooch Chocolates
Includes Polar Bear Smooch Chocolates in 5.75 oz candy box.
Includes a Custom Alaska Birch Ornament
"Many Choices"
Rudolph Birch Ornament
Santa's Sleigh Birch Ornament
Includes North Pole Hot Cocoa
North Pole
Hot Cocoa

North Pole Hot Cocoa
Click for larger photo
Includes a Good Boys and Girls Certificate
"Good Boys and Girls Certificate
From North Pole, Alaska"

"Good Boys and Girls Certificate" Free non-personalized certificate while supplies last. *Excludes Family Santa Letters

*Free certificate is non-personalized. Not valid with Family Santa Letters.
Actual certificate size is 5" x 7"
Includes a Personalized Letter from Santa
Choose your Santa Letter (see ordering section below)
*Important Information: This gift package is appropriate for children 4 years and older, teens and adults. Click for more information.
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North Pole Gift Package from North Pole, Alaska!
1. North Pole Gift Package for Kids
$89.95 plus s/h
Item #440
Click to View or Edit shopping cart or Checkout:

Ordering Instructions

Follow these simple steps...

  1. Click to view text choices and view Alaska Critter choices, and view ornament choices, then return here to order.

    • Click the "ADD TO CART" button above: Choose Item #440 for kids

    • A drop-down menu will allow you to select your Text Choice, Alaska Critter, and Birch Ornament

    • Enter recipient's first and last name in the boxes provided.

    • Add item to cart, then Check Out or Continue Shopping.

  3. IMPORTANT NOTE: The Alaskan Igloo Bank is no longer available and will be substituted with Alaskan Toy Animals, which is also of greater value.

  4. Your loved one's personalized letter from Santa will be inserted inside the gift box with the North Pole Gift Package contents.


Additional Information:

  1. If shipping gifts to multiple addresses, you must place one order at a time.
  2. Click the Continue Shopping button to purchase additional gifts to be shipped to the same address or click Proceed to Checkout to finalize your order.
  3. Last day to order for Christmas delivery is November 20 for APO/FPO and December 6 for U.S. addresses. We do not ship to international destinations, except Canada.
  4. Orders ship in early December. If you prefer your order now, please enter your request in the "Message and Comments" box at check out.


*Orders received December 7 or after are not guaranteed for Christmas delivery, but will ship U.S. Priority Mail. Orders generally arrive in 7 to 10 days. No orders accepted December 12 - January 15. Non-personalized Good Boys & Girls certificate included with package.
Important Information: This package is suitable for children 4 years of age and older.
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Alaska Critter Choices
Length: 6" to 13"
Deer New plush unicorn
Deer 13" tall
New Unicorn 10" tall
Polar Bear
Moose 13" tall
Polar Bear 13" tall
New Rudolph
Rudolph 9.5" tall
(crinkle style ears)
Penguin, 6" tall
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About North Pole Gift Packages

North Pole Gift Packages are custom gift packages shipped in colorful, red boxes filled with fun and festive Alaska-themed gifts for kids 4 and up.

**NOTE: A container of Alaskan Toy Animals with 8 wildlife animals will be substituted for the Igloo Bank which has been discontinued.

North Pole Gift Packages ship right here in North Pole, Alaska and you can be certain your gift will thrill your little ones and loved ones, and be treasured long after the Christmas Season is over!

*Gift packages are suitable for children 4 years of age and older.

Additional Information:

Free, non-personalized, Good Boys and Girls Certificate is included with Item #440.

Alaska Critters are filled with bean bag material or polyester fill and we offer 6 choices. Most critters are 8" to 13" long. North Pole Hot Cocoa comes in a 2.5 oz tin or North Pole Coffee comes in a 2 oz foil package.

Each gift package includes a 5.75 oz. candy box of bite-size Polar Bear Smooch chocolates or a homemade chocolate bar of equivalent value. Chocolate confections may vary depending on availability. We may substitute an alternate confection of equal or greater value.

To check shipping method/rates. Click Here

Shipping Deadline:
Last day to order for Christmas is December 6 for U.S. addresses and November 22 for APO, FPO and Canadian addresses. We only ship to APO, FPO and Canadian addresses, we do not ship to other international destinations. Orders received December 7 -14 will ship as soon as possible via U.S. Priority Mail, while not guaranteed for Christmas delivery, the normal delivery time is 7 to 10 days. Christmas Season: For orders received prior to December 1st, we ship December 1st - 14th. The remainder of the year, we ship within 7 days of order. No orders accepted December 12 - January 15.


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