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North Pole, Alaska Postmark and Seal

Will my letters and gifts receive the North Pole, Alaska postmark?

Yes, we are located in North Pole, Alaska and your letters and gifts will always receive the North Pole, Alaska postmark.

Is there a deadline for receiving the North Pole postmark?

No. We do not have a deadline. Many Santa companies post a deadline because they are not located in Alaska.

Will my letters have an official North Pole, Alaska Seal?

Yes. All letters are stamped with our official North Pole, Alaska Seal which guarantees your letter was written in North Pole, Alaska.

Are you members of the Made in Alaska program?

Made in Alaska logoYes. We are members of the "Made in Alaska" program.
The Made in Alaska Logo ensures products are made in the state of Alaska and our Santa Letters and Robert Service Poetry have met the qualifications to participate in Alaska's state-sponsored program.

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