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Alaska Baby Packages from North Pole, Alaska are a treasured keepsake for baby filled with a cuddly Lamb or Bunny or Rudolph or Clarice Critter, an Alaskan Infant Flapjack outfit, a custom Alaskan Birch ornament, a soft Baby Rattle, a softcover baby book (while supplies last), a pair of infant moose socks (while supplies last), our custom Northern Lights photo card, a personalized letter from Santa on our custom stationery and a personalized Good Boys and Girls Certificate.
Direct from North Pole, Alaska...

Alaska Baby Packages are an extra special gift for parents of wee ones!

Parents will be thrilled when they receive this special gift box filled with fun, Alaskan-themed apparel, a soft Lamb or Bunny, small Critter Baby Rattle, custom Alaska Birch Ornament, a personalized letter from Santa and more.


What's Included?


  • Personalized Letter from Santa
  • Personalized Good Boys and Girls Certificate
  • Cuddly Bunny or Lamb
  • Adorable Infant Flapjack ~ 2 designs
  • Soft velour Baby Rattle ~ 3 colors
  • Rudolph baby book (softcover)
  • Custom Alaskan Birch Ornament
  • Northern Lights photo card
  • BONUS: Pair of Infant "Moose" socks while supplies last!
  • Packages ship in this beautiful red box direct from North Pole, Alaska
  • Place your order below

    Packages ship in this beautiful red box
Choose Cuddly Lamb or Bunny Blanket Critter
"Loop on backside to attach to stroller"

Velour and satin lamb with blanket body
Size: 11" tall

Velour and satin bunny with blanket body
Size: 11" tall
Includes Velour Baby Rattle
(we'll insert one for you)
Includes chiming baby rattle - 3 choices.
Size: 6" tall
Choose a Cozy Infant Flapjack
Size: 6, 12 or 18 months
Pink Moose pattern + "Alaska" stamped on backside!
New pink flapjack stamped with moose pattern (limited quantities)

"Bear Cheeks + Alaska" stamped on backside!Bear Cheeks Infant Flapjack outfit.

Choose a Custom Alaska Birch Ornament
FREE Pair of Infant Socks while supplies last!
Striped, pink moose socks.
Red and black moose socks.
Includes a Personalized Letter from Santa!
Personalized letter from Santa included!
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Alaska Baby Package with personalized letter from Santa.
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Alaska Baby Package and Santa Letter
$84.95 plus s/h


Item #430

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Ordering Instructions

Follow these simple steps...

  1. Click to view Critter choices, view Infant Flapjack choices, view Birch Ornament choices, and view text choices then return here to order.
    • Click the "ADD TO CART" button above.

    • A drop-down menu will allow you to select your Critter (Bunny or Lamb), Infant Flapjack outfit, Birch Ornament and letter choice.

    • Enter recipient's first and last name in the boxes provided.

    • Add item to cart, then Check Out or Continue Shopping.

  3. Your personalized letter from Santa will be inserted inside the gift box with the Alaska Baby Package.
  4. We'll insert a soft, chiming Baby Rattle for you: White or pink rattle included with pink flapjacks, white or blue rattle included with plaid flapjacks.
  5. One name per letter is allowed.


Additional Information:

  1. If shipping gifts to multiple addresses, you must place one order at a time.
  2. Click the Continue Shopping button to purchase additional gifts to be shipped to the same address or click Proceed to Checkout to finalize your order.
  3. Last day to order for Christmas delivery is November 20 for APO/FPO and December 6 for U.S. addresses. We do not ship to international destinations, except Canada.
  4. Orders ship in early December. If you prefer your order now, please enter your request in the "Message and Comments" box at check out.


*Orders received December 7 or after are not guaranteed for Christmas delivery, but will ship U.S. Priority Mail. Orders generally arrive in 7 to 10 days. No orders accepted December 12 - January 15. Personalized Good Boys & Girls certificate included with package.
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About Alaska Baby Gift Packages

Alaska Baby Packages are custom gift packages shipped in a colorful, red box filled with unique gifts for baby and a personalized letter from Santa. This gift package is suitable for infants - 6, 12 and 18 months. Each package contains a mix of charming gifts for baby.

Alaska Baby Packages ship here in North Pole, Alaska and you can be certain your gift will make a lasting impression and be treasured long after the Christmas Season is over!

Additional Information:

Bunny and Lamb's have soft, velour blanket bodies with satin trim. A loop on the backside attaches to baby's arm or a stroller.

Baby rattles come in 3 colors and we'll enclose a white or pink rattle with pink moose flapjacks. And white or blue rattles will be included with plaid flapjacks.

Infant Flapjack outfits are available in 2 designs/color choices.

  1. Pink with white moose flapjacks."Don't Moose with Me" printed on flap and "Alaska" stamped on backside. Limited quantities.
  2. Red and black plaid flapjacks. "Bear Cheeks" and bear graphic printed on flap; and "Alaska" stamped on backside. Limited quantities.

Alaskan Birch Ornament - 2 choices: Santa's Sleigh or Rudolph.

FREE personalized Good Boys and Girls Certificate included and our custom Northern Lights card (size: 3" x 4").

FREE pair of "Moose" Socks included while supplies last! We'll enclose a pair of striped, pink moose socks or red and black moose socks.

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Shipping Deadline:
Last day to order for Christmas is December 6th for U.S. addresses and November 20th for APO, FPO and Canadian addresses. We only ship to APO, FPO and Canadian addresses, we do not ship to other international destinations. Orders received December 7-14 will ship as soon as possible via U.S. Priority Mail, while not guaranteed for Christmas delivery, the normal delivery time is 7 to 10 days. Christmas Season: For orders received prior to December 1st, we ship December 1st - 14th. The remainder of the year, we ship within 7 days of order. No orders accepted December 12 - January 15.


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